It’s the time of wonderful things: cooler weather, back-to-school sales, and one of your loved one’s birthday. To help you pick the best September birthday gift, we’ve gathered some fun facts about your sweetie. Based on that information, finding your gift will become easier. 

If you’re running out of gift ideas, check out our guide to September birthday ideas. Our favorites include something special personalized with the September birth sign. Ranging from jewelry, clothing, books, accessories, and more. These really cool items are perfect for September babies.

Right now, check out the calendar and see how many gifts you’ll need to shop for. If you have your special one who is born in this month, give them a thoughtful gift and show them how much they mean to you.

Wonderful Things Of People Born In September


#1. They are extremely polite

Even if you hear the word “no” from them, that would be the most accurate way. People who were born this month are always conscious not to hurt people with their petty rejections. They are very good at persuading people and it is difficult to say no to them. You will find that people born in Sep make great lawyers and teachers because of their straightforward approach.

#2. They stay close to the truth 

Sep-borns are not fantasy and fiction. They believe in basic reality and accept situations very easily, that’s why they act cool in difficult situations. They often act quickly on everything and speak the harsh truth.

#3. Love flows from their hearts 

September-borns have an eye for beauty and are always attracted to everything beautiful whether living or not. Be it a beautiful house or a splendid bouquet of flowers; they always appreciate beauty at the highest level of appreciation. This is why they are very sensual and romantic.

#4. They are great lovers 

That is the point in the personality of people born in September. They are sexy and very know how to please their partners. It takes time to understand their ways of expressing love.

#5. They have a love for books

They truly are bookworms. This is a habit that others may find annoying, but reading is what defines them because of their thirst for knowledge. No matter where they go or what they go to, they always have a book in hand.

#6. They are kinder and more thoughtful

If you have friends or family members with this month, you would know this. People born this month are either Virgo or Libra, and both are considered practical, kind, and thoughtful people. They are also cuter, get along and love to help those in need! Therefore, they produce people with good personality traits.

September Fun Facts and Gift Guide

September birthday gift

Here’s everything you need to know the fact about this month and September gift ideas.

#1. September Birth Stone: Sapphire

Sapphire is the birthstone of Sep, which is known to reduce inflammation, treat fever, and act as a good luck charm for its wearer. Present in almost every color of the rainbow, jade has long been associated with royalty and romance and is also believed to symbolize fidelity and soul.  

Based on their birthstone, you can find a perfect gift for them, especially for jewelry and gemstone lovers. A bracelet or necklace attaching sapphire would be appreciated. 

#2. September Birth Flower: Aster

Aster is named after the Greek word for ‘star’ because of its shape. Also known as meteor flower or starflower. Asters are a symbol of love, affection, and omnipotence. Apart from the aster, morning glory is also the birth flower of Sep. It also symbolizes unrequited love, and only those who wake up early can see the pretty flowers in bloom. 

A gift that is inspired by their birth flower is never wrong when it comes to birthday ideas for September. So, a beautiful bouquet of aster is the best choice for Sep people. Or you can consider shirts, mugs, and bags that feature asters or glory morning.

#3. Zodiac Signs: Virgo and Libra

If someone is born between August 23 and Sep 22, he’s a Virgo; if he’s born between Sep 23 and October 23, he’s a Libra, according to Astrostyle. Although both astrological signs Virgo and Libra fall within Sep, they have distinguished characteristics. Virgos are super organized, efficient, and practical, while Libras are extroverted, cosy, romantic, and dreamy.

The best gift is one that they love and need. Knowing their traits, finding a perfect gift would be easier. For example, you can give Virgo a planner book, Virgo shirt daily essentials or useful goodies. Similarly, you can give Libra makeup products, jewelry, or a meaningful anniversary gift. In short, if your gift comes from the heart, they’ll be able to see that intention and love you for it, full-stop. 

Birthday Gift Ideas For September According To Gender


So, if you have loved ones who are born in Sep, give them a present to let them know how much you care and love them. Our September gifts guide is here to bring you the cool gift collection that anyone will love. All these gifts are perfect to send as a birthday present. Keep on reading this post to discover more!

#1. September Birthday Gift Ideas For Him


There is an important man in your life who is turning to a new age this Sep. And I know that finding September birthday ideas for him is sometimes quite hard. To choose the best gift for him, you can follow 3 rules:

– According to interest: Firstly, based on his interests you can choose the best gift for him. For instance, if he loves coffee, a coffee mug or a package of delicious roast coffee beans will be good options.

– According to personality: Don’t forget to think about their personality when determining the perfect gift for the special man in your life. That man can feel your love when knowing that you care about his preference! If he’s the romantic type, a candlelit dinner or a two-person trip as a special gift will make him happy.

– According to the age: Teenagers have different preferences than middle-aged people. For example, people in their 20s will love personalized gifts. Meanwhile, at the age of 40+, the gift should be more practical and sentimental.

#2. September Birthday Gift Ideas For Her


Your special girl who has Sep birthday month? Have you come up with an idea to surprise her? Keep in mind that in addition to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and meaningful wishes for her, a thoughtful gift is an important part of brightening her day.

Similar to choosing a birthday gift for a man, you can also follow the same rules as: based on her personality, interests, and age. Women born in this month are always beautiful and delicate, so small but meaningful gifts will make her appreciate them.

It is sure that lipstick and a bracelet are the leading September birthday ideas for adults or her that you should consider. Simple but meaningful, these items are sure to put a smile on your special girl’s face. Rest assured that she will cherish your gift for many years to come.

Faq About September Birthday People

#1. What Color Is September’s Birthday?

Deep blue is the official color of this month. It comes from blue Sapphire gemstone. The brilliant blue sapphires were historically found in the remote mountains of Kashmir, northern India. Today, most of the high-quality gems come from Asian countries such as  Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Cambodia, and the African country of Madagascar.

#2. How is September born like?

Those who were born in this month are very passionate and tender-hearted but they consider themselves a very strong person. These people are very hardworking and always get an effort to attain their goals. They get everything in their life but for that, they must struggle a lot.

#3. Are babies born in September smarter?

The study, entitled “School Starting Age and Cognitive Development,” found that schoolchildren born in Sep were more likely to have higher GPAs than those born in any other month.

#4. What Is A September Baby?

As it turns out, the order of your birth month also affects your success and your stage in life. According to a scientific study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, people born in Sep are more likely to be successful at an early age. The study included children who tended to do well in school because they were relatively older and more developed than their peers, making them more adept at whatever they did.

The study also says that babies born this month also have an advantage when it comes to better programs because they have better developed cognitive function.


Birthday is one of the biggest days for all of us. It’s time to be full of joy and happiness. And let’s wait to see your beloved ones smile as soon as they receive and open your thoughtful birthday present! Hope the list of September birthday gifts above, you will pick the best ones for your shopping list.